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Amateur camps will teach campers the foundations of competitive strategy, teamwork and game mechanics. These camps will focus on in-game training but will have a physical exercise component that will apply to in-game skills. Campers will compete against one another, go through individual skill circuits, review VODs, and discuss overall game strategy. Amateur camps will be coached by top ranked players at each game.

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The Fantasy Camp will provide campers with the opportunity to be coached by the best League of Legends pros in the world. Along with intense in-game training, campers will experience the esports-specific physical training (weights, proper warm up/cool down) and mental training (hand-eye coordination, reaction time) that pro players in the boot camp go through.

In addition to the current LCS pros that will serve as the counselors, there will be special pro guests that will spend time with the campers sharing professional experiences and working on specific in-game skills.

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The pro team boot camp is a completely customizable program designed to fit the needs of any professional team. Unique to these camps are the advanced training tools available at Sports Academy including the Dynaboard (hand-eye coordination and reaction time), Neurotracker (memory and task prioritization skills) in addition to the recovery equipment (Cyrochamber and Normatec). Teams also have access to an on-staff nutritionist that will tailor meal programs to maximize each player’s performance. On staff sports psychologists are available to address a variety of individual or team needs.

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